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Stop leaving your events frustrated and exhausted!! Start event curation activities.
Sign up for The Create A Profitable Event Challenge

During this 5-day challenge, learn how to do what Tracie James calls event curation activities – simple actionable steps to reduce frustration and increase revenue. Instead of doing everything yourself (that causes exhaustion), shift gears and spend more focused time effectively curating your event.

The Create A Profitable Event Challenge kicks off Monday, March 13, 2023. Join us for a week of FREE training and resources. 

Discover the unexpected event curation strategies that produce the results you have been dreaming of.

Learn how to curate an event more effectively, more efficiently and consistently... no matter what is happening in the economy (or with your family or clients or website).

Challenge Format

Each day, you attend a LIVE training session with Tracie in our Challenge Facebook Group. I explain the curation strategy you need to use and how to do it successfully.

Immediately after the training session, you complete your action step of the day. Be sure to join us live each day or catch the recording within 24 hours.

In this challenge, you’re not just learning what to do—you’re actually doing it. Actions: taken. Vision: clarified. Tickets: sold. Money in the door.

That’s the low-down! With FREE General Admission, you get the full challenge experience—including 5 live video trainings with Tracie and 5 event curation strategies for you to take your event planning to the next level. Or bump it up to the VIP experience, which includes a LIVE 1-hour Q&A each day with Tracie for only $97.

Flow Chart

Day One: Event Vision

On Day 1, I teach you how to clarify your event vision and create a timetable for effective event curation. 

Event Planning Team

Day Four: Team Management

On Day 4, I teach you how to build a team to support your event so you can focus on hosting and sharing your message. 

Cheerful marketing people brainstorming

Day Two: Marketing Plan

On Day 2, I teach you how to create a marketing plan to ensure you sellout your event. 

Crowd Applauding

Day Five: Run of Show

On Day 5, learn how to start thinking like an Event Curator. These thoughts are what help you find the solutions you need for the unexpected that will happen at every event. 


Day Three: Event Budget

On Day 3, I teach you how to create your event budget and how to follow it consistently to ensure your event is profitable. 

Message From The Host

Hi, I'm Tracie!

I've produced events of all sizes for businesses and non-profit organizations for over 15 years.

I recently expanded my services to include training and digital products to help entrepreneurs host stress-free, profitable conferences, retreats, and training events.

How did I get here? I’m glad you asked. I’m a former corporate executive turned serial entrepreneur. I have built a successful event production business through word-of-mouth referrals, attendee recognition, and repeat clientele.

This means I’ve done it in corporate and non-profit organizations.

I’ve done it as a contractor.

I’ve done it as an entrepreneur.

AND I can teach you how to do it too!

Tracie L. James, The Event Curator

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